Art of Epic

Here’s some visual development paintings I did for Epic. I have them labeled as Wraithwood, the original name.  Whereas in the movie it is called Wrathwood due to some copyright stuff. This stuff was pretty fun to work on. It’s kind of weird looking back at them now because they’re already a few years old. Where does the time go? I was just out of school when I did most of these.

This area was so dark inside that it might look strange on certain monitors. So if it’s just a big page of black, just know, that’s not right.  ;)

When we build a set in a movie it usually consists of the efforts of a few people who will all create images such as these. In this case it was Kyle Mcnaughton, Arden Chan,Tyler Carter and myself who worked on this set. Early on Mike Knapp and Greg Couch did a lot of concept work on it.
Arden doesn’t keep a blog, but most of you will know his work if you’ve seen Mulan, Tarzan or Lilo & Stitch where he was a layout artist (Supervisor on Lilo).
Kyle also doesn’t have a blog, but currently works at Pixar.

Hope you enjoy the images!


Wendell Dalit said...

Hey Jake, These are great! Thanks for sharing the images.

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